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Whitecap Stand Up Paddle Boarding Lessons and Rentals - 2018

Book a Rental or Lesson In Augusta or Columbia area; click here or call 706-833-9463 chuck@whitecapSUP.com

Lesson Rates, by appointment:  Guided lesson excursion trips: $35 to $65, depending on #'s, location, family groups, etc.  Typical rates are $65/person for 1 or 2, $55 for 3 to 5 people, on down to $35 for larger groups. Includes equipment and instructor guidance and instruction throughout. Typically a 2 hour experience.

Rental Rates:  1/2 day -$25 to $65 depending on board style and delivery or pick-up. Race or touring boards (displacment hull) and some premium design surf shapes rent at the higher rate. (Expereince with water board sports required for independant pick-up rentals.) 

Stand up paddle boarding can be your path to fulfilling the dream. It’s not too late. Of course, the bigger problem for many of us is that’s it’s too early -- you know, it's one of those things we’re going to get around to in our next life. Dude, wake up -- THIS IS IT! You only got one. An SUP can bring the fun, the light-hearted culture, the sublime joy of the surf board-riding experience into YOUR life. No matter where you live, no matter how busy you are, your fitness level, previous experience, or budget – you can fit a piece of surf culture into THIS life -- now. Let Whitecap StandUp paddleboarding get you out there!

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