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Starboard: Big Daddy


10’0” x 34”, 8'8" x 29'5"Starboard Slick~~~~~~~~~ Click to Download Starboards 2011 Catalog

Dimensions: Length: 304.8 cm, Width: 86.4.1 cm, Tail Width: 46.7 cm, Volume: 168 L

Dimensions: Length: 264.2 cm, Width: 74.9 cm, Tail Width: 45.1 cm, Volume: 130 L

The popular 10’0” x 34” Whopper model in affordable and durable Soft Board construction. The slick models are also available as SUPer windsurfing crossovers with windsurfing options.

Other features include: - Reinforced Rails, EVA Bumper Nose & Tail, Balanced Carry Handle, Soft-Fin Thruster, Double Stringer, Wood Veneer Standing Area

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