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Starboard: Widepoint


12'6” x 27.5”, 12'6” x 29.5”, 12'6” x 31.5”, Starboard Race~~~~~~~~~ Click to Download Starboards 2011 Catalog

Dimensions: Length: 381 cm, Width: 69.9 cm, Tail Width: 14.2 cm, Volume: 258 L

Dimensions: Length: 381 cm, Width: 74.9 cm, Tail Width: 14.7 cm, Volume: 277 L

Dimensions: Length: 381 cm, Width: 80 cm, Tail Width: 16.3 cm, Volume: 290 L

“The 12’6” Race series are easy to use all round race boards. The wider models are great for touring and have tie down options for bags.”

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