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SUP Paddleboard Selection: Naish Mana

  • Nalu
  • Mana
  • Hokua
  • Glide
Naish Nalu SUP
Naish 2010 Mana
Naish 2010 Hokua
Naish 2010 Glide

Included Accessories: Mast deck mount (except Mana), Board bag (except AST and 10'5" Mana) Fins, Deck Pad, Grab Handle The board is laminated in a full wood veneer construction, which makes it extremely tough against impact, and pressure dings. It shows a full reveal in the deck area and uses wax like a classic surfboard.

Naish 3 PC. STAND UP PADDLE DECK PAD: This new EVA deck was specifically developed for the Naish stand up boards, but can be easily adapted to any stand up board on the market. The 45 degree grooving offers superior traction in all directions in any water temperature, a newly designed side wedge improves board stability and clearly indicates the center stance area, and a 3M peel off adhesive and 3 part structure makes it easy to apply. Durable and UV resistant, the Naish EVA deck delivers optimum grip for both surfing and cross training on stand up boards without the hassle of applying wax.

Naish Eco System Board bag and Deck Pad included free of charge! Eco packaging system: Naish is the first brand to use Eco intelligent packaging for their board line. Instead of endless amounts of bubble wrap, tape and sheet plastic, every Naish Epoxy Wood SUP is delivered in a board bag. This reduces the amount of “throw away” packaging by 85%. The main source of shipping protection inside the box is a quality board bag that the end consumer will continue using.

Stand-up surfing or Beach Boy style surfing is taking the world by storm from Hawaii to Japan to small lakes like ours hear in the inland southeast. This is an exciting new product and Naish is proud to introduce a new classic that will make even a windless or flat day exciting.

As a core brand connected to windsurfing as well as surfing Naish started experimenting with boards and paddles about 4 years ago monitoring where the sport is heading and decided to launch a board and paddle program that suits the roots of this newly recovered ancient form of surfing. With master longboard shaper Harold Iggy it was only a question of time to find the right balance between longboard performance and the right easy access even for first timers.

Naish Mana Series: Instant Fun

The Naish Mana Series are wide, short and stable. Stand Up Paddling and catching waves has never been easier. These compact shapes offer great "throw around" handling and outstanding stability. The SUP Kailua at 10"5" x 35 1/4" and 251 liters offers even greater stability and with the ASA construction makes this board ideal for resorts, rentals, and for teaching lessons.

        Naish Mana Specific Features: ~~~~~~~~~Click here to Download the Naish 2010 Catalog

  • The Mana is equipped with a deep carrying handle.
  • EVA decks for additional traction in standing area.
  • The Mana 10'5"is ASA durable construction.
  • The Mana's are available only in wood sandwich construction (except the 10'5".
  • The SUP Kailua 10'5" comes with a single composite fin configuration.
  • The 9'5" and the 10'0" are equipped with the 2+1 fin configuration.