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Stand Up Paddleboard Selection: Fantatic 2011 ~ Download Fanatic 2011 Catalog ~ Downlaod Fanatic 2010 Catalog

Fanatic Fly 2011 Fantic Race

Fly Race 12'6"x 30.5": From Marathon to morning glide, this allround Raceboard covers lakes or open ocean and can even be ridden in surf. The long waterline means less effort and more momentum. Fanatic's CAD-analyzed curve flow’s form a smooth tail rocker release for paddle motion that also allows gentle surfing as well. A domed nose with water-cutting bow and flat-angled deck shape disperses chop and releases water easily for maximum speed. Available in a robust, light and affordable Wood Sandwich construction, as well as a high tech lightweight and stiff Carbon Sandwich version.

Fly 12'6" Race Carbon 30.5" Wide x 12'6" Long. Technology CS / LF TE

Fly 12'6" Race 30.5" Wide x 12'6" Long. Technology WS / LF

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2011 Fanatic Fly SUP's ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Fly 10'0" WE: Length 10'0", Width 30“, Volume 160, Wood Sandwich

Fly 10'6" WE: Length 10'6", Width 31“, Volume 180, Wood Sandwich

Fly 10'0" HRS: Length 10'0", Width 30“, Volume 180, HRS

Fly 10'6" HRS: Length 10'6", Width 31“, Volume 180, HRS

Fly 11'0" HRS: Length 11'0", Width 31“, Volume 220, HRS-SD

Fanatic Fly Stand Up Paddleboard Features:

  • Flatter rocker, for early glide and windsurf planning option
  • Increased volume to float high
  • Full rail shape to keep the volume in the rails and a flat deck
  • Flat deck for stability and secure stance
  • Compact outline
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