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Stand Up Paddleboard Selection: Amundson 2011 ~ Download Amundson 2011 Catalog

Amundson SUP

2011 Amundson Fly SUP's ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Amundson 11'0": Length 11'0", Width 29.5“, Volume 147L, Epoxy AST

Amundson 11'3": Length 11'3", Width 29.5“, Volume 160, Epoxy AST

Amundson 11'6: Length 11'6", Width 30“, Volume 212, Epoxy AST

Amundson Stand Up Paddleboard Features:

 Amundson boards are designed for maximum floatation and well-balanced performance in a number of different conditions. Great speed and outstanding stability hint at these board's strengths. However, a little tail rocker and forgiving rails ensure plenty of fun for an occasional day in the waves.Epoxy AST construction provides the best balance of light weight, stiffness and outstanding durability

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